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Case Studies - S2HR Human Resources Legal Consultancy

Our team of solicitors in London have successfully represented business and individuals in a variety of demanding circumstances. here you can learn about some of our recent cases and understand more about the services we provide.

Recruitment and Selection - Professional Services

Our client, an Accountancy firm, required assistance with recruiting five trainee Accountants. We conducted a Recruitment campaign for them, screening CV's and interviewing a selection of candidates based on key selection criteria. We then held an Assessment centre to assess their skills using a variety of exercises, including some Psychometric tools to make recommendation as to which candidates should go forward for a final interview.

Employment documentation - Recruitment Consultants

Instructed by a firm of Recruitment Consultants, we prepared Employment Contracts and a Staff Handbook for a team of 20 to ensure that the Employment relationship was clear. We also trained the Office Manager in basic Employment law to enable her to complete HR Administration for the firm. They joined the Retainer scheme giving them access to HR and Employment law advice as and when they need it and in due course they would like us to design an Appraisal scheme for their staff.

Appraisal process design - Travel Company

A very successful Travel company needed a robust Appraisal programme to review the performance of its staff. We consulted different levels of staff and designed an Appraisal form which could be used across the business, as well as introducing an element of 360 degree feedback.

Salary Review/Bonus Policy - A fashion house

Key success criteria were established following focus groups with staff in this fashion house after which a clear salary and bonus policy was written. These criteria were then used in conjunction with Appraisals to award salary increases and bonuses fairly. Staff greatly appreciated the transparency with which the new policies were applied.

Restructuring of a local Charitable trust

due to funding cuts this charity needed to undergo a significant restructure and further consultations with the affected staff. We advised the charity on the due process in consultation and prepared the necessary documentation. The redundancy pay was calculated as appropriate and redundancies were confirmed and carried out effectively.

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